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The register contains a list of plumbing components that complies to the relevant national standard (SANS) for that product. It is therefore an essential requirement that evidence must be available to confirm that the product complies with the requirements of the correct SANS standard. Any supplier that choose to have his product listed on the SAWatermark register will be responsible to submit acceptable evidence of compliance.

The SAWatermark will verify that the evidence submitted is valid, current and refers to the correct SANS standard. Refer to the section “Acceptable Evidence” for more details

Any supplier submitting a request for a product to be listed must nominate the star rating for the product. The SAWatermark will perform verification activities aligned with the elected star rating. A low star rating confirms that at lest the minimum requirements have been verified. Higher star rating confirm that the supplier allowed SAWatermark to do more advanced certification check on the continuous compliance of the product.

SAWatermark contracted an independent committee to audit all applications, as well as all verifications that was conducted.

Only once a product successfully passed all the verifications as well as the audit process, will it be added to the register.

The complete register will be made available to the public free of charge. Access to this database will be provided through this website as well as through smartphone apps. Please check back here soon.

Suppliers that would like to have their products listed can contact SA Watermark HERE >

NOTE: SAWatermark does not perform test or certification work. It is the responsibility of the supplier to obtain tests or certification from a service provider of their own choice. Please refer to “Acceptable Evidence” for the minimum requirements for a test report or certification to be accepted.

All products that appear on the SA Watermark register have been verified to confirm that evidence is available and to confirm that the product complies to the requirements of the relevant standards.

The responsible manufacturers or agents of all products listed on the SA Watermark register have committed legally to ensure that the listed products supplied to the trade and public, will continue to comply with the requirements of the national standards.

Listing on the SA Watermark is voluntary. Manufacturers choosing to list their products can submit their application online.

The SA Watermark is a registered trade mark within the non-profit company named South African Independent Auditing Services (SA-IAS). All verification and administration of the SA Watermark is conducted by SA-IAS.