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SAWatermark does not perform testing or certification services. SAWatermark does not facilitate any testing or certification services. Suppliers must contract testing or certification service providers of their own choosing.

In line with international best practice, the SAWatermark will accept test reports form test laboratories that might not be accredited for the required test work. Such laboratories will be routinely audited by the SAWatermark to confirm that their processes comply with a set of minimum requirements.

Examples of laboratories that falls within this group are:

  • Test laboratories that are only accredited for a portion of the test methods required for listing on the SAWatermark,
  • Test laboratories that are accredited for testing of similar products but not for testing to the SANS standards.
  • Test laboratories that are in the process of obtaining accreditation, while the accreditation status have not yet been awarded.

A list of these test laboratories will be published by the SAWatermark from time to time. Suppliers looking for test laboratories can request the list from the SAWatermark. Test laboratories that want to be listed on the approved suppliers list can submit a request HERE >