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How to be Listed on the Register

The register contains a list of plumbing components that complies to the relevant national standard (SANS) for that product. It is therefore an essential requirement

Acceptable Evidence

For a product to be listed on the SA Watermark register, evidence must be presented to confirm that the product complies to it’s relevant national…


Accreditation of a test laboratory is when an independent 3rd party verifies the operations of the test laboratory to confirm that the test reports produced…

Application Process

When a manufacturer or supplier chooses to have its’ products listed on the SA Watermark register, an application must be submitted to the SA Watermark.…

Product Testing

SAWatermark does not perform testing or certification services. SAWatermark does not facilitate any testing or certification services. Suppliers must contract testing or certification service providers…

Listing Applications NOW Open

The SA Watermark register will be made available to the public at no charge. Access will be granted through an internet portal, and a smartphone application. This facility will be launched soon.

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